The Scanite Team

Oceanit's Scanite team are dedicated to working with our partners in the Energy Sector.

Vinod Veedu
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Vinod leads Oceanit's Houston office. He is an active researcher of nanocomposite materials, focused primarily on developing multifunctional nanostructures and hybrid platforms for diverse industry applications.

Jacob Pollock
Senior Scientist, Materials Technical Lead

Dr. Pollock is Oceanit’s Materials team Technical Lead. He has worked to produce advanced materials with applications ranging from medical devices to ship and building construction. He developed and commercialized innovative technologies based on nanoscale and polymeric materials across a range of diverse applications.

Sumil Thapa
Materials Engineer

Sumil leads Oceanit efforts for managed design and scale up of manufacturing processes for materials products in Houston. He has a background in Bio engineering and Chemical engineering and often heads field deployments for pilot scale jobs.

Oceanit’s Houston office is the home of production scale-up and manufacturing for Scanite smart sensing cement. Scanite is created in a continuous production process, utilizing Oceanit’s uniform particle coating process.

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