Oceanit Launches Scanite, Smart Cement for the Digital Oil Field in a Virtual SPARK Day Event

30 July 2020 | Houston, TX – Oceanit hosted a virtual ‘SPARK day’ in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and Shell to announce the launch of Scanite Smart Cement.

Scanite Smart Cement is an advanced, acoustically responsive cement additive that can revolutionize well integrity diagnostics and monitoring. Oceanit believes that Scanite is the future of digital well integrity monitoring because it delivers immediate assessment of cement integrity and bonding, contamination of placed cement, and mechanical stresses on the well.

The SPARK day webinar was attended by over 75 subject matter experts and engineers from the oil & gas sector, representing an array of interested partners. SPARK stands for Special Presentation of Advanced Research & Knowledge and this first virtual edition of SPARK day focused on Scanite.

Attendees of the webinar spanned the globe from the Middle East to Honolulu, covering 16 time zones and tuning in from eight countries. Oceanit’s Director of Strategic Initiatives and head of our Houston office, Dr. Vinod Veedu opened the webinar along with an introduction from Oceanit’s founder and CEO, Dr. Patrick K. Sullivan.

Oceanit was honored to have NETL’s William Fincham speak on behalf of the US Dept of Energy’s Technology Development & Integration Center, Oil & Gas. Mr. Fincham has been an integral part of developing Scanite and focusing on capabilities that reduce reservoir uncertainty.  The webinar also featured Hani Elshahawi, digitalization lead for deepwater technologies at Shell. Mr. Elshahawi presented on Shell’s deepwater need for Scanite and how improved cement mapping and monitoring is critical to integrity management.

Oceanit’s Houston facilities are equipped to produce pilot-scale volumes of Scanite, close to many our energy sector partners. This scale-up and manufacturing office is Oceanit’s dedicated site for the oil & gas sector, moving R&D projects like Scanite from Mind to Market. During the webinar, Sumil Thapa, Oceanit technology development lead, took viewers inside our manufacturing space and performed a live demonstration of the unique Scanite meta-material production process.

Oceanit has been developing and perfecting Scanite over the last several years, focusing on how we can address the lack of intelligence in the cementing of wells. Improved sensing and data are required to realize a true ‘Unified Digital Oil Field’ of the future, but real-time well integrity information wasn’t available. With our development work, Oceanit sought to create a smart additive that could determine the integrity, contamination, and mechanical loading on well cement. We also addressed improved determination of cement placement and providing discrimination between fluids and lightweight cement.

We thank everyone who tuned in to the SPARK day webinar and those who expressed interest in field trials of the Scanite Smart Cement. If you would like to view the webinar, it is posted in its entirety at this page: https://scanite.io/scanite-details/.